What is “ORIGINAL” and file-sharing; What about the Public library?

What is “ORIGINAL”?

In our last Blog update, we noted the importance of supporting the “ORIGINAL” artist/creator/etc. I.e., that file-sharing or “pirating” or distributing “copyrighted” content should not bite the hands that feeds them. However …

… things are rarely this “pure”. That is, even the original artist/creator may be one of the “bad guys”. E.g., members of Metallica don’t like file sharers, but they do have some nice songs. So we must (re-coining a popular cliche) separate the message [unit of art, e.g. a song] from its messenger*  [artist, e.g. Metallica].

* “Separate the Message from the Messenger” may be re-coined to our discussion (in order of importance) as:

  • Art from Artist
  • Artist from Publisher
  • Specific Publisher from All Publishers
  • etc.



Public reviews and comments are a form of currency!

In fact, YOUR words may be even more valuable than cash. The major Internet players realized this from the very early days of the Net. For example, Amazon will allow anyone (even non-Amazon customers) to write reviews for them. And we all know how valuable these are. And Yahoo Message Boards  – which will be two decades old in 2-3 years — have been allowing folks to set up “free” topical message boards … the cost: they run ads next to your words.

These very real facts establishes the important fact that YOUR words are as good (if not better) than gold! The Internet shopping-cart giant Amazon.com would financially collapse within hours if some governing body ruled that reviewers should be compensated for their words.

Ultimately, it’s not that simple:  free (public-sourced) reviews do improve the art. And maybe it’s ultimately okay that Amazon or Yahoo provide these “services” if the net results are better books and movies for the indiv. and the general public. That said, what we have today isn’t the old/orig Web/Internet  where Amazon and Yahoo started … so,  perhaps, we should, in addition, look for alternative, non-commercial or private sites to state (indeed, publish) our important and valuable opinions. E.g., many Netizens have their own blogs (like where you’re at right now!).

You can even generate income from your words … welcome the world of Internet affiliate marketing. Google Adsense (pay-per-click ads that you put on the same blog page as your content — you’ve probably noticed a lot of this already) or even Amazon.com Associate links (e.g., link your review to Amazon’s product page and if the person buys the product or any other product during that session/visit, you get a small cut of profit) … all can get put $$ in your bank.

Bottom line: Your time is valuable: so, at minimum, be a bit more informed/aware about the value of your words/time/effort (check your clock, watch that word-count meter, etc.)  … and, hence, be more selective/succinct when leaving reviews at Amazon, IMDB and all the other “Yahoos” ;) !! 


Possibly a BETTER way to look at things is not to think in terms of artists or creators [flesh-and-blood persons or groups of persons (organizations)] — because creating art (or other things) that we like (i.e. stuff that enhance and improve our QOL [qual. of life]) is only a small part of that PERSON’s (or GROUP’s, such as in music) total lifetime output**. Rather, we should think in terms of the created (desired-by-us) products themselves: a book, movie, music album, graphic, software, etc. And judge each creation (art, product, etc.) on a case-by-case basis. The Internet/Cloud/WWW universe allows us to do just this: by evaluating and rating/reviewing each work of art separately and individually. E.g., Amazon and IMDB allow one to quickly assign Star or 1-5 grades. And these grades/reviews (especially written reviews) can be as valuable to artists and creators as purchase sales ($). In a way, the ultimate product (art, etc.) is improved and more valuable via crowd-sourcing.

“Professional” reviewers get paid handsomely for reviewing books,  movies — along with the wines, microbrew beers, restaurants and cars — for myriad web sites, newspapers and magazines. And they get fringe benefits and profit sharing! Often, though, the public reviews on Amazon or IMDB are just as well-written; they may even be more insightful as there is no commercial bias…and no reason to review because it’s their bread-n-butter. Public reviews tend to be more significant more honest and passionate.

How do we support SPECIFIC desired art objects without necessarily supporting the artist? One way to do is by specifically saying so in your Amazon or IMDB review (or Facebook page, Blog entry, Twitter, cell-phone text message, etc) :

“I borrowed Star Wars: A New Hope (1977 orig . movie) and The Empire Strikes Back (1980 movie) from the library [or a friend lent me her DVDs] and liked them. But easily noticed that in Return of the Jedi (and later Star Wars-universe efforts), it seems George Lucas sold out to market pressures (like toy manufacturers).”

Let’s shift gears to something entirely different: your local Public Library…

This is literally a file-sharing resource. But no one tries to shut them down for “illegal distribution of copyrighted material.” Why? Could it be that with Internet file-sharing, we have the ability to forever keep the content? But you can ALMOST  do the same thing at the library by ripping or scanning library-borrowed books/CDs/DVDs. IAC most folks — buyers, borrowers, file-sharers — only watch/read each/any media item — on avg. — once. In essence, most of the books and DVDs folks buy from Wal-Mart or Amazon is only used once — and then it is put on the shelf as a trophy***. Categorically, then, only music and certain software seems to get repeat use.

Perhaps the controversial issue boils down to PERMANENT POSSESSION of copyrighted material (as well as $$, of course). But the definition of “permanent” is vague. After all, many file-sharers or TiVO users delete the TV show/movie after watching once. After all, digital data drives and physical-storage systems (shelves, racks, cases) are not free for anyone.



** That artist may, for example, be a major polluter, driving his big Hummer around needlessly, creating air pollution. Or may endanger others by driving drunk or drugged. So why should one buy their music album or DVD … when we can acquire a file-shared version? Perhaps paying for a file-host service is better for us (individually), our families and our planet.

*** No we have not forgotten the items that are purchased, and/or received as gifts, but never used. They may end up on the same trophy shelf, acting (deliberately or not) as “show-offs”. In a way, then, file-based digital media (residing only on PC, SmartPhone, iPad, iPod) keeps one more “honest” and humble by hiding — to a large extent — the trophy/show-off shelf. This situation may change if VR and “Second Life” type communities/lifestyles popularize to the extent of Facebook or real-life communities. But such an intricate and intertwined digital “interface” STILL seems as far off as it was in 1999′s The Matrix.

Supporting the ORIGINAL artist/creator — not media company or publisher: with or without cash

“Life philosophy”: Not all of us are born with silver spoons — we may have beer budgets but champagne tastes … we all deserve the best ….
Seriously … if you do make use of bootlegs, pirates  – or you prefer physical” theft” such as shoplifting [not supporting a value/moral/”ethical” judgement here nor is this recrimination; “theft” or deception (or “worse”) is a means to an end and is effectively used in/by Nature (just watch the Disc. ch.) …  FUCK human/social taboos  … belief in taboos got us here ahead of the other animals WRT self-aware intelligence … but we can NOW see why evolution would trick our minds with taboos: read The Selfish Gene!!

You can still help the original artists, creators, authors or scientists by posting honest/accurate reviews — help promote his/her creative works via your review. You can post on Amazon, IMDB, Yahoo Groups, Blogs, forums, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

You don’t even have to particularly “like” the ORIGINAL artist/creator … only benefit (= be empowered or enriched) by their output. So … whatever promotes the creation of the art (incl music, film, literature, graphic) or science or engineering or research or other project that enhances the quality of your life. . .. By hook or by crook. By any means necessary…. is OKAY!

Hey … you only live once! Enjoy your time here…

Note: The most trustworthy persons are the SELFISH ones. If you’re not selfish, you’re interacting with others more; and interacting means politics and “putting on a face”.

wrzko.com by OneDDL.eu — another loser?

With excellent DDL/warez sites like RapidMoviez.com, what’s the point of wrzko.com? OneDDL RIP (whatever!)… but why was it so weak to fall? Survival of the fittest! If the Govt/Corporates shut you down, you were weak to begin with. Ergo, why should anyone TRUST a project (wrzko.com) by the same folks that created OneDDL?
There are TOO many DDL/warez resources already — and this dilutes solidarity for the file-sharing community. Isn’t it best if all these brainy/problem-solving/united folks meet at two or three large, powerful communities — be they forums or blogs or even Facebook pages?

What is “filesharing”? Some file-sharing resources & philosophy…

Start here at Wikipedia (where else?!)…


or … http://justfuckinggoogleit.com

Once you’re comfy with the basics, delve into meatier chunks via … the solid, useful info and discussions at:

Wikipedia (where else?) for info on popular FS topics such as…

Warez — what it is … http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warez (general info) …. and, FYI, did you know the “criminals” have standards?  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standard_(warez) … even Tony Soprano and Tony Montana had standards and ethics … ’cause no one or no movement can survive without some written set of logical/organized codes-of-conduct. Improving the quality of life for the MASS POP — the body politic — is important http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utilitarianism

Free or low-cost movies and TV — we all love ‘em … so what are the various types and what makes ‘em different from each other? Check out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pirated_movie_release_types … okay, so some of you are  ”pirates” now … and if you download the movie from Rapid, are you one of the “pirates of the Pirates of the Caribbean“?



Social truism: the corporate elites / govts must tread carefully…

[The following entry was yet another posting on OneDDL.eu DISQUS message board that was deleted by their narrow-minded staff... we assume they are the same folks that created and ran OneDDL.eu. Point being: if they can't think outside the box (see below), no wonder they could not keep OneDDL afloat. It's survival of the fittest -- the strong play for keeps; the weak are weeded out. A purpose of this blog is to promote awareness of not-so-obvious facts. This may or may not help the file-sharing community. The choice is open-ended. ]

The corporate elites & govts must tread carefully…

Folks … it’s not so simple as ACTA, SOPA, PIPA, MU/FBI, powers-that-be go after “law-breaking”, “IP-violating”  file-sharing (FS) community, etc . And the govts/corporates know this. Case in point: all sorts of product placement in movies and permanent water-marks (e.g., network logos) in TV shows. Like the brand-name logos on clothing and cars … this is “hidden” marketing — or at least not-so-obvious marketing.

Even if you’re the educated type that only engages in ebooks, documentary films and intellectual TV networks (Discovery Ch., BBC, History Ch, Nat. Geo., PBS, etc.) … the marketing will work on you subtly … so, e.g.,  you may visit the TV series web site, click a ppc (pay-per-click) ad, or order a gift (say a science kit). And we spread the word …via cell phones, Twitter, Facebook, forums, etc: “Did you download/watch that great DISCOVERY CHANNEL prog. about NASA vs. SPACEX? No? I have the RapidShare copy. I’ll send it to you via DROPBOX”. [ Note all the govt./corporate in CAPS that were promoted via this simple Tweet.] The powers-that-be can’t push things too far — like being more aggressive with FS  (file-sharing) community (they somewhat learned that with MU/FBI) — because the file-sharing community:

  • are aware and continuously updated  (via social networks, cell, web, etc) on current events;
  • are effectively ( more-or-less) united in a common cause and goals (organized via social networks, cell, web, etc);
  • can AGGRESSIVELY fight back (Anonymous, WikiLeaks-style, “Occupy”, etc.) — or even revenge-retaliate for “the fun of it” via clandestine attacks;
  • (IN ANY CASE and as noted above) are  potential profit/tax generators for corps/govts.

oneddl.in — Not another one!

re: oneddl.in
Not another one! It ain’t that easy … i.e., not all “oneddl’s” are crated alike.
FYI, did a whois check on oneddl.in …
Created On:05-Jan-2012 14:29:23 UTC
Last Updated On:05-Mar-2012 19:21:06 UTC
Expiration Date:05-Jan-2013 14:29:23 UTC
As of today (2012-16-18) Alexa = ~17,000,000 (!!!!).
It takes more than buying a domain, setting up a home/splash page to get traffic. It took orig. OneDDL years to build up its content, user-base, reputation and trust. IOW, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

“File-sharing Spring” movement of sorts

Can the OneDDL.eu DISQUS commentary act as “signatory”? A petition or public outcry?  Why not an “Occupy Internet”  or “File-sharing Spring” movement of sorts?

Indeed, SOPA/PIPA were ostensibly defeated. And MU arrest didn’t have any more effect on file-sharing than a temporary glitch. In fact, it seems, that the more the Govt/corporatocracy  forces the issue, the more counterproductive its “military” actions ultimately become.

alternatives to OneDDL


We posted this message on OneDDL.eu DISQUS and it was immediately deleted by, we assume, an active admin:

Similar-/alternative-suggestion sites that use traffic data + Alexa + Google PR + etc.



We’re VERY disappointed with the OneDDL.eu/DISQUS panel admin. It’s game over and time to hand the throne over to the stronger, craftier file-sharing portal builders. OneDDL.eu/DISQUS are now obstructing progress, and the file-sharing community will suffer because of their hubris.


From Httan  on oneddl DISQUS — this is a list for alternatives to OneDDL:

1 | Blogs:

  • rapidmoviez.com \\\ a lots of RS Links :) [Excellent!]
  • rlssource.net \\\ a lots of RS Links :)
  • scenerls.org \\\ a lots of RS Links :)
  • oneclickmoviez.com \\\ a lots of RS Links :)
  • www.myrls.eu \\\ a lots of RS Links :)
  • www.dl4up.com \\\ a lots of RS Links :)
  • www.spastikustv.com \\\ a lots of RS Links :)
  • iman24scene.com \\\ a lots of RS Links :)
  • tv-release.net \\\ a lots of RS Links :)
  • serienjunkies.org \\\ a lots of RS Links :)
  • freedla.com \\\ a lots of RS Links :)
  • www.mediadownlinkz.tk \\\ a lots of RS Links :)


  • www.scnsrc.me \\\ a few of RS Links :(
  • sceper.eu \\\ a few of RS Links :(
  • www.warezrls.net \\\ a few of RS Links :(


  • rs-catalog.com \\\ NO RS Links at all :(
  • www.rlsbb.me \\\ NO RS Links at all :(
  • www.rlslog.net \\\ NO RS Links at all :(
  • www.blogy.com.ar \\\ NO RS Links at all :(
  • mediafiretv.blogspot.com \\\ NO RS Links at all :(
  • avaxhome.ws \\\ NO RS Links at all :( [The best. Works well in USA]
  • releasethread.com \\\ sold out; not working :(


2 | Forums:


3 | Members pages:

  • LoneGunman: www.facebook.com/CallMeLoneGun…
  • Ash91: www.facebook.com/pages/Ash91/3…


4 | Others:

  • gwarez.cc \\\ a game website
  • www.icefilms.info \\\ web stream
  • predb.me \\\ a release database
  • wrzko.com \\\ from some of the folks that brought you OneDDL.eu and OneDDL.com. Poor, almost content-less site. Will prob. never succeed as there are far better sites, all of whom are taking up the traffic from recently-felled OneDDL and about-to-permanently-go-down Bolt.cd]


Not checked out but may be worth investigating:


oneddl DISQUS board is deleting important posts

oneddl DISQUS board is deleting important posts (2012-06-05-16; 0130)

author: 00file11

wrzko.com is a fine and good morale booster — “long live oneddl” and all that unproductive banter — but it’s an almost-empty site. Best strategy is that we all flock toward one or two pre-existing (and very good) sites, based on CATEGORY: So if you like TV/Movies, rapidmovies.com is decent. Ramp these sites up to and BEYOND oneddl ‘s “acclaimed” status/reputation.

Too many file-sharing sites is like too many operating systems: not much progress or evolution.


Here is another deleted post from 2012-06-14:


Too bad about OneDLL. I just began using them after huge issues with bolt.cd. Speaking of Bolt — lotsa bad news with them.
Constantly bot-attacked, and messages/posts vanish. Add to that, certain Mods untrustworthy: they ban w/o notice and nonbanned are affected since all threads and THANKSes of banned vanish. Lots of folks angry with them (users and corporates) — double whammy. If you participate there, be careful and spread your nest egg. The list Httan compiled (thanks!) is a start. Bolt.cd members (and most mods there) — you’re some of the best and DESERVE better.